Welcome to my website. Where I blog about my life, manage my business with my dad, and type up information for you people to read about. Take your time looking through my new website and enjoy it. :-)

About Me


My name is Martin Mueller, but you could call me MNM or Moose. I live with love, understanding, and compassion. Education is a big part of my foundation of my life.

Personal Info

Current Location:Kalamazoo, Michigan
Birth Location: Hobe Sound, Florida
Pick'n Run

About Pick'n Run

Pick'n Run is a program for runners (and walkers) focused on cleaning up trash in their neighborhood where they run (walk). The program cleans the world one run (walk) at a time.

The Problem

Trash can be found in many places, including your own neighborhood, on streets, on trails, and in other public locations. Trash can be either created by accident, carelessness, or on purpose, none of which is appealing to leave with.

The Solution

Our solution to cleaning up trash is with you, runners (and walkers). How? Trash can be picked up during regular runs (walks). The Pick'n Run contests, social network, and tools (Pick'n Run backpack) make exercising and picking up trash fun and purposeful.